Shiloh Shepherds are dogs with a great afinitiy for human relationships. They do not thrive kenneled or chained up away from their people. Shilohs need early training and socialization to reach their full potential. Some Shilohs fulfill roles such as therapy, service and search and rescue, but their greatest strength lies in their loyal love for their people! 

Physically, Shilohs are very large, ranging from 85 to 120 lbs, and 26 to 31 inches at the shoulder.They are an active dog which needs excercise, but not excessively.  There are 2 coat types, smooth and plush, and both shed often and profusely! Shilohs usually live 10-13 years and should be bred carefully as the breed has a small gene pool which needs to be managed to maintain the health of the breed. Our breed organization, the ISSA is enrolled in a DNA Genetic Diversity project through UCDAVIS and Betterbred in order to protect the future potential of this breed.Link to this program: